About Brit

Well hello babe! 🌵

I'm Britany. I was born and raised in Las Vegas. My photography style is earthy, romantic & moody. Photography is something I have always loved from an early age in life. I decided to leave my teaching career, follow my heart & pursue photography full time. So, here I am, doing the dang thang!! I have been photographing now for over three years and specializing in weddings.

You could say I am a free-spirit. Laughing is something that comes natural for me. I am spontaneous, definitely a "yes" person. I enjoy building connections with other souls, and traveling to new places! I have a twin sister named Cassie who I adore. I think she's the most hilarious person in the world. I am one hundred percent a daddy's girl. Friends are super important to me and I have been blessed in life to have some pretty long lasting & amazing ones.

Where my dog people at?? I have a chocolate lab named Maverick and a Siberian Husky named River. They're the cutesttt & best pups. I really don't know what we did to deserve dogs. Love you Riv & Mav! 

Sunrises/sunsets, the moon, the stars & the clouds are so unbelivably beautiful to me. I am basically obsessed with the sky. It's magical. If I don't get a window seat on a flight, let's just say, I get really bummed missing out on the views. 

 Super thankful for cold brew coffee & wine haha. Just gonna throw that one out there... and turquoise jewelry (I am obsessed). 

And that's basically summing me up in a few paragraphs. :)

I would love to shoot with you sometime and capture the love in your life...if you don't mind me having a couple drinks and possibly dancing barefoot at your reception, I think we would be a great fit! 

Let's chase light together & create some magic! ✨ xo