This was one of my absolute FAVORITE sessions. A desert sunset session in the mountains. I don't know if it was the fact that this the lighting was perfect, so warm and goldeny (the best, of course) or the fact that these two are fellow photographers in Vegas and had absolutely no problem getting in front of the camera and showing off their kind & intimate love. We had a blast, shooting & jamming out to my music, even though it started to get freezing towards the end of our session haha. Since then, I have remained friends with this sweet & adorable couple. We have texted, called, asked each other's advice on certain matters, etc. and all because we had a one hour session together.

Sometimes, you just click with certain people and this is a prime example of that. They made my job fun & easy. And might I add, I think they're pretty badass photographers as well. 

Ps. Do they not have the COOLEST hair ever?! I mean, swoon.

Enjoy! xoxo

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