Hi babe! So glad you're here. My name is Britany and I am a Wedding + portrait photographer Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Even though I am based in this beautiful city full of desert + gorgeous sunsets, I absolutely LOVE to travel! So, if you are thinking of having a destination wedding, then I am so down to make my way to you!

I started photography 4 years ago! I have now photographed 70+ weddings which is wild to me! I just feel so incredibly lucky to have such a creative & beautiful career.

things to know!

here are some 

She  was in fact a child of the moon. Wondering around aimlessly, in the dark. Bringing light, to everyone around her.   s&a


I was born and raised in Las Vegas and I love it here! I have a fraternal twin sister named Cassie who is very different than me, but hilarious and beautiful.  

Where my dog people at?? I have two dogs that I adore. Their names are River + Maverick. One is a husky and the other is a chocolate lab! With that being said, if you ever want to bring your dog with ya to a shoot, I encourage it! The dog love is real.

Since we are on the subject of love, my boyfriend, Casey, is my high school sweetheart. We met when I was 15 + he was 16. #babies
Fell pretty hard for one another. He's just the cutest thang. You may see him from time to time on my instagram... (when I make him take photos with me haha). We love red wine and hanging with friends! 

I am just a coffee lovin, turquoise wearin, jammin to indie music girl that would love to capture the raw + authentic moments in your life. 

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