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Little fun fact... I actually was an elementary school teacher for three years! 

good. because i love teaching!

Coffee shop + shoot



This type of mentorship is great for anyone starting out or somewhat established and feeling like they are a little lost or have so much to learn still. It is ideal for anyone out of town since it is via video chat. We will go over social media, business tips & tricks, how to find your style, your website, posing, workflow, backing up images how to stand out in your city, and q+a. This mentorship is 75 minutes long! 

This type of mentorship is perfect for anyone in vegas or out of town and willing to travel here! it is jam packed with a lot of teaching and learning. this will be about three hours in total. we would meet in a coffee shop, go over any questions you have & what you really want to learn. then, we would go out and shoot with a couple together in a rad spot (most likely the desert). Talk posing, camera settings, etc. After the shoot, we would do a little editing sesh together at my place or wherever! this is completely tailored to you. you will have so many take-aways with this one!!


"Brit is one of the main reasons I am the photographer that I am today. She has this presence about her that makes you at ease when having 1 on 1 time. I attended her workshop last year and I gained so much knowledge that I still use today. It sounds corny, but her photos match her aura... warm, organic, and inviting. One of the best humans I know and one of the best in the biz."
-Paige Greener Photography

"I can't think Britany enough from the light & the love for my mentor session with her. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, she's an inspiration and the kindest soul ever. Thanks to her, I was inspired to rebrand and it's made such a positive impact on my brand that I am confident I will be able to go full time with photography this year. Thanks Britany, love you!!"
- Onyx + Arrow Photography

"Brit was so quick whenever I asked to sign up for a mentor session! We made plans during the same week and I was able to send her 20 questions I had about social media. During our mentor session, Brit was able to tell me exactly what I needed to improve on from looking at my work. She gave me honest feedback which has helped my social media engagement so much! She is an amazing teacher that 100% believes in community over competition. I could tell she wanted me to succeed by checking in on me to ask how everything was going and that's honestly what's made this mentorship more than worth it for me! If you need someone to help you in your social media game, then for real do a mentor session with Britany!"
- The Bold Americana

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