Mobile Pack


Our goal for The Light & The Love mobile preset pack was to deliver a similar vibe to the desktop presets of course, with a few extra rad tweaks. They are full of deep, vibrant, warm tones & lots of lovely grain. Whether you’re with your friends snapping a quick beach sunset, on date night, in the desert, or just a lover of capturing those quick, random, lifestyle phone pics in the house of your kiddos or your pups, this pack is versatile enough for all of the above! And as huge lover of B+W images, I strive to make sure the B+W presets are just as perfect as the color.

I think you will LOVE the mobile pack as much I do. They’re all I’ve been using on my iPhone!!

Purchase includes 9 Color Presets, 2 Black & White Presets, and a PDF guide and video with step-by-step instructions on how to install the presets.

*NOTE: These presets require a computer for install. If you do not have access to a computer please send me a note at with your order# and the pack you ordered so I can email you the presets to save on your phone.

*All Sales Are Final – No Returns

From the first conversation, it was evident that Greg with @gpresets and I wanted the Moon Pack to be as dynamic and versatile for the ‘traveling, go-anywhere, different landscape’ photographers around the world.

since we both love to shoot warm + chase the golden vibe, it was important to us that regardless of landscape and locale, these presets would enable you to achieve a cool clean edit, or beautifully cast images in a film-inspired warmth without sacrificing The blue and green undertones.

By utilizing features in the latest version of *Lightroom we made them adaptable to both warm and cool shooting styles. We have built a custom Creative Profile that allows you to feather in as little or as much warmth as you please While still Maintaining the truer tones of greens + Blues.

The DESKTOP Moon Pack consists of 8 color presets, 4 BW presets, and 2 custom Creative Profile’s. Each color preset has a higher contrast version that works great for sun-filled images and each BW preset has a warm Creative Profile option.